Our favorite playground is La Passe en S, a must dive site during your stay in Mayotte!

The departure is daily Dzaouzi pontoons on Petite Terre and Mamoudzou, at your convenience.

Meet at :

7h50 and 13h50 at the pontoon of Dzaouzi on Petite Terre
8h15 and 14h15 at the pontoon of Mamoudzou

Our dive center is BEUCHAT center.
All equipment is of good quality, maintained, renewed regularly.

Our material is available in all sizes, including child.

We offer you:

– combinations, integral or shorty, in 3 mm

– adjustable vests

– the single and double output blocks (12 L, 10 L, 6 L)

– regulators all equipped with octopus tips

– fins, masks and snorkels.

Diving computers are also available.

We have two compressors each delivering 12 m3 with buffer bottle ramps.

Dive into one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world …
With an area of 1500 km2 , surrounded by a double barrier reef 160 km long, open on the Indian Ocean with its passes.

The S pass
The S-Pass, so named because of its winding shape, is a 2 km long nature reserve, 100 to 150 m wide, located in the south-east of the island.

It is equipped with 17 mooring buoys that represent as many different sites.

A veritable underwater garden of Eden with a depth of up to 60 meters!

Come explore potatoes and fringing reefs lined with a myriad of fish and admire the drop-offs decorated with spectacular grognes!

Drift dives in the current allow everyone to satisfy his desires.

Accessible for all levels
– The Fallen of the Airmen: it takes its name from the fact that it is 300 m from the airstrip. Its vertiginous wall goes down to more than 60 m! It has several corridors and tunnels and we can observe flying lionfish that take refuge in the faults, as well as gorgonians, porcupine fish, lobsters …

– The anchors: this site located in the Brandélé Passe on the west of the island is so named because 3 anchors rest on the bottom, piled on top of each other. There is a vertical drop down to 30 m depth. You can see some varieties of sharks such as hammer or white tip and schools of barracudas.

– The Chimney: located between the airstrip and the S-Pass, this 2m50 wide chimney goes down to 15m. At the end of this fireplace is a wall that goes down 40 m.

– The wreck Brandélé

– Drifting

Accessible from level 2
– The wreck to Joseph: discover this barge which lies off Petite Terre at 30 m depth, where you can see a multitude of fish and moray eels.

For experienced divers (level 3) looking for strong emotions …
– The shark pit : (to pronounce “pit”) and come to meet the tiger sharks, albimarginatus, white tips and dagsits.

– Crossing the Pass

Night dives
We also organize night dives in the S-Pass, accessible to all levels.

The “far away” outings
We do once every 15 days a “far” day trip, to explore the north or south of the island and the sites of the Boa Bank, Choizil Point, the Passe Brandele, Sazile ‘islet of white sand with turquoise waters … They are accessible to all levels.

Catamaran diving trips
On board the Manga Be