Integrated in the Maoré Garden, the Le Maoré Lagoon diving center takes you to discover the south of the Mayotte Lagoon. The beautiful spots offer very rich exploration dives: the coral gardens are full of multicolored fish and turtles. Our team of qualified instructors, all passionate about their job, supervises the teams of divers of all levels …

From 5 to 10 minutes by boat, these outings are done in the afternoon on the coral gardens of the lagoon and are open to all, from baptism to confirmed diver.

They are ideal to realize your first bubbles, to follow courses or to carry out formation of improvement.

Coral reefs start from the surface and descend to 20-25 meters. During these dives, we observe corals, gorgonians, small reef fauna, turtles and sometimes dolphins …

On the outer walls of the barrier (20 to 40 minutes by boat), these outings dedicated to level 1 or Open Water divers, are done in the morning.

From the south of the boat pass to the Morne Rouge, the clear waters are full of fish: you will meet in addition to the coral fauna, barracudas, rays, groupers, dolphins, turtles, and if you are lucky, small reef sharks .

Drift dives are made along the drop offs, from the surface to 40 meters deep (depending on the level of the team). A control of the currents is carried out by our monitors before the launching, to guarantee your total safety.

These dives are done on the reefs of the lagoon, where we meet all the small nocturnal fauna (shrimps, crabs, turtles, pencil sea urchins, groupers, lionfish flying …).

Regularly, we go on the Joachim wreck, located in front of the hotel. The dive begins on the wreck of this 16 meter sailboat, set against a background of 20 meters.

The hull is covered with different corals and small gorgonians.

The circuit extends on the falling between 10 and 3 meters, where we observe the turtles that rest.

The Maoré Lagoon has two boats. The diving spots are accessible quickly and the launching is secured. Aqualung equipment (stab, regulators, shortys), 2 recyclers and the Nitrox membrane meet the requirements of divers of all levels.

30 blocks 12 L and 6 blocks 15 L, double output
4 blocks 10 L,, 4 blocks 6 L,
6 Blocks 6L / Oxygen Decompression + Regulator
Shortys & one-piece 3mm & 5mm Aqualung
Aqualung regulators
Stabilizers Aqualung
2 recyclers 1 inspiration / 1 evolution +
20 complete equipment + fins, mask and snorkel
1 compressor Bauer 30m 3 / hour
1 coltri 18 m 3
Center equipped for Nitrox diving (1 membrane)
Nitrox 32 free if diver already certified Nitrox

The 2 rebreathers available at the Maoré lagoon allow training, but also the reception of certified divers.

We offer them for hire and can provide divers traveling with their own rebreathers with system fuel bottles, oxygen, lime and carbon bailout bottles.

1 aluminum barge 9.6 m, 2 x 150 hp (19 divers)
1 aluminum barge 10 m, 2 x 200 hp (21 divers)