Located 3 km from the international airport of Dzaoudzi, the hotel Le Rocher is one of those places where one comes, for a few days, to forget all its worries. There is calm and scenery that suits you. And – this is not the least of its benefits – ultra modern comfort, with a great panoramic view.

Each room is air conditioned and has an extremely pleasant balcony to laze in the mild season. Each of them is equipped with a television with cable and of course the telephone.
The view of the lagoon is an enchantment that can not be resisted for long. The time to go for a refreshing dip in the pool or take a sunbath has its surroundings. But, maybe you feel attracted by the atmosphere of the bar which only Joseph has the secret …

For lovers of exotic drinks, indeed or addicts cocktails, we recommend the attendance of the bar Le Rocher. You will be welcomed with a big smile and served with generosity … Attention, however, consume with moderation! This advice is also valid for the night clubs “Le Ningha” and “Le Mahaba”. It reigns a very tonic atmosphere and one dances to excellent music.

The restaurant Le Rocher is a place full of charm or breakfast and the meals are full of conviviality and good life.
The cuisine we are convinced, can not disappoint, as it can be classically international or deliciously local, enriched by the many influences from Asia or Africa.

During the day, if you do not relax for too long next to the pool, you can choose between the balcony of your room and … diving in the waters of the lagoon: The seabed is admirable. But you can also go big game fishing or a walk in the lagoon to discover the islets or meet (depending on the season) the humpback whales used to the lukewarm lagoon, a fairy show !!

The Mahaba Club

The ” Mahaba Club ” is located on the Mainland just three minutes from the pier where you can find a decor worthy of the big metropolitan box and the musical atmosphere is rather exotic in the image of the many influences present on the island.

The opening hours are as follows:
Friday from 22:30 to 3am
Saturday from 22:30 to 4am

The Ninga Club

The nightclub ” The Ningha ” is located right next to the restaurant to allow our customers at the end of the meal to move according to the rhythms of excellent music offered inside. “Saïd” the director of the place will know, welcome you as it should and make you appreciate the moment.

The opening hours are as follows:
Monday to Thursday from 10pm to 2am
Friday and Saturday from 10pm to 4am