On Mount COMBANI at 360 meters altitude, the Gite du Relais Forestier in Mayotte, offers a quiet stay 20 minutes from Mamoudzou, in the heart of nature, in a tasteful accommodation to taste the fullness of the island with perfume.

It offers guest rooms with stunning views of small-land and its lagoon, total change of scenery with our guests, scrub, in their natural environment, the tropical forest.

You will stay in the center of the island, strategic place for the beginning of your holidays. You can go

in the North, visit the islands Choazil, to go to taste a Voulé on a beach ……

in the West, go fishing in the lagoon, or dive in the Pass in S …….

in the South, swim with turtles on the beach of N’gouga, or try Mount Choungi ….

in the East, visit the many Mahorais villages …..

in the center, go for hikes on the GR which crosses Mont Combani ….

The Relais Forestier is located on the edge of the Songoro M’Bili Forest Reserve, in the middle of a plantation and a property of 2 hectares. 14 km (20 minutes) from Mamoudzou … Here is its Geographical Position, so that you can find us better on GoogleEarth, for example: 12 ° 48 ’25’ ‘South and 45 ° 09’13’ ‘East.

You will stay in the middle of the rainforest where you can go have fun with maki, feed them. They go out “fresh” and if they are a little shy, they are absolutely not wild, leaving you all the time to admire and especially they love bananas …..

At about 380 meters altitude, we are the highest houses on the island, can enjoy a superb panorama, you will come to refresh and rest when the thermometer climb a little too much to your taste.

The Relais Forestier can also be a starting point for many hikes in the undergrowth of Mont Combani, GR 1 for Tsararano, hiking giant bamboos for example ..

The Relais Forestier offers 5 bungalows of 30 m² with double bed, mosquito net + single bed. They are all equipped with a bathroom and WC.
you can also dine on a table d’hôte on our panoramic terrace, a cuisine with exotic tastes, carefully prepared meals by the hostess, at a very reasonable price, you must book in advance.

In the morning after breakfast you will encounter Maki.

In front of each bungalow, a private terrace will allow you to sink in the calm of the late afternoon, you will enjoy the perfumes of the countryside and ylang-ylangs, eyes lost in the lagoon.

A small reading corner on a large terrace. Free WIFI, is at your service

If you are brave (you will have to get up around 6:00 am), you will be able to attend the unique spectacle of the sunrise on Petite Terre which is cut out in the distance on the blue of the lagoon in the freshness of the early morning.

you can finally enjoy a service worthy of a small charming hotel.

Located in the heart of the island of Mayotte, the Relais Forestier will serve as a starting point for all the activities you are planning:

* Mamoudzou, the “capital”, is only twenty minutes by car,
* a GR crosses Mayotte from North to South, passes on the property: will you go to the South or to the North?
* a few minutes from the Relais, Combani with its golf course, its hill reserve.
* For your diving experience, you will have the choice between the centers installed in the South and those of Mamoudzou or Petite Terre.
* Going down on Mamoudzou, stop for a moment above Vahibé when the tide is at its lowest: the coral reef unfolds at your feet and you’re right in front of the S-pass!
* Finally, at the Relais Forestier, you are at the same distance from the beaches of the South, East, North, West. Make your choice according to the time of day and your desires of sun or freshness!